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Maintain or improve the standard of living in our district and throughout the county 


  • Fully-fund our public schools to ensure they are within acceptable capacity limits, are in excellent working order, are adequately staffed with highly-qualified teachers, exceed the rigorous standards of the state, and consistently meet parent expectations 

  • Prioritize critical infrastructure (roads and utilities) to provide residents with reliable transportation and acceptable service levels

  • Adequately staff and fund our local fire and police departments to make public safety a top priority


Demand fiscal responsibility and accountability at all levels of county government


  • Review all department budgets to assure requests align with taxpayer priorities

  • Require new projects are justified by a pro forma that demonstrates a positive return for taxpayers

  • Reject or cancel projects that cannot objectively demonstrate a positive return 

  • Demand that costs do not exceed revenue 

  • Acquire debt only as a last resort for projects deemed public necessities  



Require smart, responsible growth that benefits current and future residents


  • Pause all new rezoning projects until roads and schools are in place for already-approved cases

  • Require that all newly-approved developments pay for their impacts to the community

  • Prevent county staff from serving as applicant on any rezoning case due to conflict of interest


Operate with transparency and integrity


  • Truly listen to all citizens with sincerity, concern, and honesty 

  • Act independent of partisan or other affiliations and without influence of campaign donations or employment considerations

  • Provide residents with more opportunities to voice their opinions and provide feedback

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