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Why I'm Running 

Dear Friends and fellow Citizens of Chesterfield County,


Many have asked me why I am running to represent the citizens of Chesterfield County, and the short answer is because you deserve better.  My family moved to Chesterfield for what it was and can be: a safe, quiet suburban/rural county with good schools that's easy to get around as we live and work.  Since moving here, I have seen a county government determined to destroy the county citizens moved to or have lived in for generations.  The never-ending mantra is that "all growth is good" and "every development project is one we 'cannot afford to lose.'"  Through continual re-zoning and exceptions, Chesterfield has strayed so far from their comprehensive plan that the schools are bursting and roads are gridlocked.  The county can’t keep up with routine maintenance of facilities, let alone get ahead of necessary construction of new schools and roads.  


As I became more frustrated and began to investigate what was motivating the madness, all I could find were elected officials funded by and beholden to developers with not a care for the citizens of the county.  Why are re-zoning cases approved when there are no plans for the necessary schools and roads?  Why does the Economic Development Authority meet in secret and spend millions on projects without demonstrating a return on the investment? Why is the Board of Supervision sponsoring and paying for rezoning cases for private landowners then voting to approve?  Why is the BOS granting tax breaks to businesses that donate to their campaigns?  I believe there are many in the Matoaca District who have the same questions I do, and when I am elected, I will work to get answers.  I, like you, am tired of being sick and tired.


I think it is telling that when learning of my candidacy, my opponent’s immediate response was to ask for more money.  I promise that I don’t want your money.  I would, however, be honored to receive your vote, and if elected, promise to faithfully serve you as the Matoaca District Supervisor. 



Chip Carbiener

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