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This Week's Topic: Voting Prep

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. Not only does Labor Day celebrate the contribution of American labor to our great country, it also marks the traditional end of summer. Children have returned to school, and Halloween decorations are starting to pop up in stores. Labor Day is also when campaign season really starts to heat up. Campaign signs are popping up everywhere (pay attention to whose signs front large tracts of undeveloped land), and you can’t shake a stick without bumping into a candidate promising to work for you. What is a voter to do?

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote and know what district you are in. Many folks have been re-districted after the last census.

  2. Do your homework. Who are the candidates? What are their positions on important issues? Who are their donors, and who will the represent?

  3. Get out and support your favorite candidates. Without a local press, word of mouth is the best messenger.

  4. Vote! Voting has never been easier. You can register on-line to receive an absentee ballot. Beginning September 22, you can vote early at several locations across the county. You can vote on election day, November 7.

  5. Make sure your family, friends and neighbors vote as well.. The strength of our country and community is a well informed and engaged electorate. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, vote for a change.

Rest up because things are about to get busy - work, school, football season and only days until voting begins.

God bless America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesterfield County, and the good people of Matoaca!


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