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This Week's Topic: Recap from Last Week

Before sharing my message, I would like first to remind all of us to take a moment to remember all the folks who perished on this date in 2001 and also remember the first responders who bravely ran into the towers to save those they could. Many of those brave people lost their lives as well. It was a terrible moment in our history, and we should all pray for the families who lost loved ones and the survivors who will be forever haunted by their memories of that day. I pray the country stays ever-vigilant to protect us from another such strike on our soil and for all the people whose lives were forever changed on that day.

Last week was quite busy. I enjoyed meeting folks at the Fox Creek Clubhouse on Wednesday. I was glad to be able to hear concerns of the community and share my perspective with voters. Without a doubt, the number one concern was the impact of unplanned sprawl on the roadways and the insane crowding of the schools.

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to participate in a forum for all the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors candidates. With no local media, events such as this are critically-important for voters to hear from every candidate and make informed decisions on who will best represent them. Every district is contested except one, and two districts have three candidates, so voters have real choices and no reason to feel frustrated that “their vote doesn’t matter and nothing will ever change.” Many thanks to the Chesterfield NAACP, the Partnership for Smarter Growth and the Sierra Club-Falls of the James Group for hosting the event. Most of all, thank you to all the candidates who took the time to participate and share their views with the voters. If you where unable to attend, you can view the forum at this link:

Naturally the questions asked during the candidate forum focused on the issues of equity, growth, and the environment—very important issues to the groups sponsoring the event. These issues are a priority to me as well along with the issues of fiscal responsibility and transparency in government. At the close of the forum, I had the opportunity to share closing comments that summarize my purpose for running and why this campaign is so important to the citizens of Chesterfield.

The video of my final remarks are here:

Because of the storm that knocked out the sound system at the school, some of the audio is difficult to hear. You can read the text version of my statement below:

"I believe Chesterfield County is at a cross road in its history—with both aging infrastructure and exponential growth. Years of unimaginative and unmanaged growth have resulted in an overwhelmed road system, over crowded schools, maxed out police and emergency services, and agricultural land and forest is ever diminishing. The county can either continue with business as usual: blaming past leaders, bemoaning that there is nothing that can be done and just kicking the can down the road, or the county can seek a new direction. Nearly all the issues we have discussed tonight are the result of a county that has outgrown its leadership.

Chesterfield County needs to focus and prioritize its spending—protecting and connecting existing communities, improving the country roads not designed for the trips they now handle, building and renovating schools to catch up to the need, and ensuring police and emergency services are adequate. Chesterfield does not have the time or the money to waste on billion dollar development projects. We need schools not megasites. ice rinks and soccer fields. We need to maintain and improve the roads we have not extend new ones into Ag land. We need to revitalize neighborhoods by incentivizing infill and renewal projects not waterparks.

I spent a good portion of my career developing and implementing the long term reinvestment plans for Walt Disney theme parks around the globe. In spite of being a multi-billion dollar plan, funds were not unlimited. It required laser focus on the core mission, a clear understanding of the needs, and objective prioritization of spending. There was not room for the distraction of emotion and corporate politics. I think these skills are just what is needed by Chesterfield County at this time in its history, and I would be honored to serve the citizens of Matoaca and Chesterfield. Together we can make Chesterfield better, or as my team likes to say, “Don’t Fairfax our Chesterfield!”

Early voting begins soon, so now is the time to get informed and vote for the future of Chesterfield. Together we can make a difference.

God bless America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesterfield County, and the good people of Matoaca!


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