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This Week's Topic: My 3 Biggest Priorities

Since retiring to Chesterfield to be near my grandchildren, I began to be concerned about housing developments popping up haphazardly with no apparent plan to provide for the infrastructure necessitated by the growth. On top of that, the County then proposed and passed an Upper Magnolia Green project to dump a 1700 acre industrial megasite in the middle of nowhere at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. As a planner and constructor of large projects, nothing made sense. Upon further investigation, I realized that large developers have called and continue to call the shots in Chesterfield County--the voters be damned. The citizens are frustrated and feel they have not been heard--so here I am.

As Supervisor my three biggest priorities will be:

  1. Transparent governance: As Supervisor, you will see me and know where I stand. Community meetings and hearings won’t be a surprise. There will be plenty of notice--unlike the proposal currently before the Planning Commission to reduce the requirements for notification. I want and do not fear input from the community.

  2. Fiscal responsibility: The County needs to prioritize spending and borrowing on the three things that matter most: schools, public safety, and transportation. The government needs to stay out of questionable-development-deals and picking and choosing which business wins or loses. Economic development should be focused on small business. How do we keep and support the small businesses still left in Ettrick and Matoaca rather than propping up new water parks with millions in tax breaks or investing billions in remote megasites that no businesses are interested in?

  3. Responsible growth: Chesterfield County is a great place to live--full of wonderful people. The community is going to grow, but it needs to grow responsibly. The roads and schools need to be planned for when the new communities are approved, and for heavens sake, let’s not keep re-zoning Ag to residential until infrastructure catches up and we have a plan for what is already in the pipeline. The new schools in Ettrick and Matoaca are great but what happens to the old buildings? Matoaca could use a community center or pre-K. The new homes on the old school site in Ettrick will be nice, but is there a plan in place for the folks in Ettrick being displaced as VSU grows? We need to look out for the entire community.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement that I have received. I look forward to serving the citizens of Matoaca as Supervisor.

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