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This Week's Topic: Elections Matter

Elections Matter

Without being too dramatic, I think this may be one of the most important elections in the modern history of Chesterfield County. There are tremendous pressures on the county from every front. It is critical that we elect leaders who will put the community first and work tirelessly to listen to and represent the citizens of Chesterfield. We can no longer afford business as usual where blind loyalty to party or donors drives decisions that impact the quality of life in the county. Let’s look at a few of the things that really give me reason for concern:

Irresponsible growth

Re-zoning and conditional-use projects continue to be approved on top of all the projects already approved that have and will continue to overwhelm our schools and roads. The number of pending cases in the planning process that are on hold until after the election is frightening. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of new residences just waiting until after the election to be approved. Add to that the efforts to limit notice and speed the approval process that are setting the county up for a tsunami of development that will flood the county with traffic on already-gridlocked roads and even more students in already over-capacity schools. There is a breaking point where school crowding and traffic conditions result in Chesterfield no longer being a desirable place to live. That would have a real impact on property values and could result in an exodus out of rather than into the county. Let’s not let that happen.

Fiscal Responsibility.

The county must live within its means. The county has been and will always be dependent on real estate taxes for the vast majority of its revenue, and as such, the money should be spent as one would spend his/her own money—particularly as homeowners are being squeezed hard by inflation. The rising cost of everything, including real estate, means higher tax bills and ever less personal income for everyday necessities. The impact on older residents and anyone on a fixed income is especially harsh. Chesterfield County needs to tighten its belt just like the citizens. They need to put an end to frivolous and speculative investments without regard to return on investment. The County has no business acting as investor and developer in land use decisions. Millions of tax dollars are directed into questionable business investments and future commercial tax revenue is written off to support shaky private ventures. The county cannot afford to play monopoly with tax money while road and school construction languish.


Supervisors need to represent the citizens in their district first. My biggest surprise in this campaign has been the total disregard for the community and their concerns—the examples are numerous. The old Matoaca elementary school sits vacant because the county was planning to repurpose it as senior living that no one wanted rather than a community center as the community desired. The South Side Speedway rots because the Supervisors have a vision for more tax payer funded soccer fields rather than preserving one of the few attractions unique to Chesterfield. Small businesses see little support from the county while the Chesterfield County Economic Development Authority meets in secret picking and choosing winners and losers as they select which businesses they choose to subsidize.

What’s the solution?

So how do I propose to turn things around? First, I will be visible. I want to make it easy to hear from the citizens I represent. I will have regular town halls throughout the community to listen to citizen concerns rather than make citizens find me. I will scrutinize the budget and ensure funding is directed toward the priorities of the taxpayers: schools, roads and safety. I will not support spending tax money or incurring debt to support speculative business ventures. Finally, I will not support planning projects that further burden the county infrastructure and are inconsistent with the vision for the county laid out in the Comprehensive Plan.

Voting has begun, and with your support, I am anxious to change the direction of Chesterfield County—elections matter!

God bless America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesterfield County, and the good people of the Matoaca District.


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Hi Chip, thanks for providing some competition in this race. Before we dump more money into public schools, though, I would like to see taxes brought under control in the county. Our property taxes have gone up every year relentlessly, but most people's incomes aren't keeping pace. There are alot of superfluous positions in the Chesterfield government that we don't need. How about shrinking the size of local government before eroding taxpayers' economic freedom further? Kevin Carrol ignores all my calls and emails, but I hope you will do better. God-speed!

Replying to

Thank you for your comment. I agree with you 100%. When I describe myself as a conservative Independent this is exactly what I am talking about. Limited government and low taxes - conservative principles that the Chesterfield Republican Party does not seem to embrace which is why I am running as an Independent. Chesterfield doesn't have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. I believe in a zero based budgeting process where every cost and position is justified. Spending is then justified based on priority and necessity. I also believe the entire procurement process could be more competitive starting by rooting out conflicts of interest and trading on inside knowledge. I spent my entire career in engineering and …

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