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This Week's Topic: Community Identity


While Rome burns, the Chesterfield communications team can’t help patting themselves on the back. Interesting how the comprehensive plan is referenced when convenient and then totally ignored when decisions are made. Go ahead and read the article in the link below and then let’s take a look at what planning really looks like in Chesterfield.

Before we look at a few examples, I want to reference a direct quote from Chapter 6 of the Chesterfield Comprehensive Plan:

“COMMUNITY IDENTITY: Designs should provide options to recognize and support neighborhood and community identity that promotes a sense of place and encourages residents and businesses to care for, belong to and promote their community. Features that support unique and diverse identities of areas could include art, signage, community space and streetscaping. Key areas should be identified to promote community identity such as areas that join together neighborhoods, businesses and public facilities. Public facilities such as parks, libraries and fire stations should also be branded to the community identity of the area.”

All pretty quaint isn’t it. Almost like a nice village that anyone would love to live in. It brings to mind people strolling the village green in the evening while their children play and neighborhood schools that kids can walk to and from. In fact, many of the new developments in Chesterfield are called "villages." Next week, we'll start looking at some of these "villages" in western Chesterfield, starting with Cosby Village. Stay tuned next Monday!

God bless America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesterfield County and the good people of Matoaca.


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